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Project Element

These can be found relatively cheap. Ours has 180k miles and was roughly $3000

2003 Honda Element
Project Element

The Honda Element is a pretty great platform for mild Overland work; Honda made them from 2003 to 2011. The split door style makes it a unique experience, adding lots of space for entering and exiting the back seats.

Honda Interior
Honda Element Interior

The Element is designed for the compact crossover SUV market, and for a Honda, it has a rugged exterior finish. Depending on which trim level, you could have a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive drivetrain. Both are powered by a version of the Honda K24 and matted to a 5-speed manual or 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission.

Honda Engine
Honda Element K24

The interior is pretty straightforward, Honda, with gauges front and center. It has comfortable front seats and the rear seats fold down flat; you can hang them off to the side or remove them entirely. Removal gives you a lot of space in the back and is great for two people and your favorite pet.

Element Seats
Honda Element Interior

Our first step is to properly clean the Element, inside and out. We don't want to leave any chances with our health. Each vehicle we work on starts with getting a deep sanitized wash. The health and safety of our customers is our #1 priority.

Since we don't know the history of our Element and we will be traveling down dirt fire roads. We will need to do a complete inspection and cover all the maintenance.

Which should ensure we have a safe and worry-free experience.

Honda KA24 Maintenance
Honda Element Oil Filter

Our next blog post will be about inspecting and knocking out the service. Which even includes the most often forgotten cabin air filter.

Stay tuned!

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